`joged amerta`- Basic movement Mantras

with suprapto suryodarmo - and dialoguers

Workshop and Practice in Dialogue - for Adults and for Children.

The idea of this seminar is to deepen and experience the impact and richness of the practice of the ´four mantras´ of Prapto´s Joged Amerta Practice, as it has been formulated by him in ´Trust Moves´- Seminar in Amsterdam 2016.

Although a ´Practice Workshop´ with Prapto, some time will be spent to look at the practice through different lenses of the dialoguers and thus to reflect and clarify personal experiences.


Children of participants are invited cordially as part of the workshop; we will move, play and learn with them separately what could be their ´children mantras´ and have time for a dialogue with the adults. Moving with Children: Lena Tempich and Bettina Mainz.


28th of July – 2nd of August 2017 

6 days, Halscheid, Hof Kuppen

Start: Friday afternoon with lunch 1 pm (or practice at 3 pm )

End: Wednesday around 5 pm  

Practice: 5 - 6 hours a day


Costs: € 490,- /430,- early bird until 28th of April - please register soon! Reduction for pairs and families possible.


The workshop takes place at Halscheid, Hof Kuppen, for food and accommodation please see, http://www.hof-kuppen.de