Sean Williams

I am passionate about learning, whether it is helping an infant making their first movements for crawling or helping someone to develop the abilities to talk with more confidence and to make friends. I am both touched and inspired by these kinds of learning that can and do transform people’s lives. I am equally passionate about my own learning and have been studying various movement based approaches and therapies over the last 30 years, namely Shiatsu, Play therapy, HANDLE® and more recently Feldenkrais which support me in my work. It is Amerta and my study with Prapto over the last 20 years that is the glue that brings all the various aspects together.

A key influence at the heart of my work and life is the quality of “collaboration in family sense” where the awareness of “we” is the source of movement. For example if a child has special needs it is the whole family that needs support and learning. We are all strongly influenced by the group or society we are in and when I hold this awareness of myself as part of the whole, powerful and beautiful things happen.

My family Una Nicholson, Ollie and Vernie have stimulated and shared this journey with me, giving a richness of understanding of what it is to collaborate with the quality of “we” rather from “I”. I consider myself blessed and am excited to be hosting this workshop.