Una Nicholson

I have been interested in movement since my early twenties when my spirit and imagination was sparked by devised and improvised physical theatre and movement based story telling. This took me to Paris to study with Jacques Lecoq and then to do the Feldenkrais Professional training. There I became interested in how we can work with others to make and create the things we care about and that are beautiful too. How can we work, learn and live together in ways that allow the individual and the whole to shine?

Since 2000 I have been working as a trainer and group facilitator in the NHS hosting workshops that enable people to understand what matters and what they need to do to help that grow.

I met Sean in 2005 and he brought me to a workshop with Prapto in 2006 and our boys arrived shortly afterwards. Prapto and his work has been a key touchstone and nourishing source for our growing and learning as a family and I look forward to sharing and continuing our learning with others in Halscheid this August.