the five joged amerta mantras  & Freedom

with Suprapto Suryodarmo |  July 22 -27  2019 | Halscheid

It is the idea to continue to deepen and experience the impact and richness of the ‘Basic Joged Amerta Mantras’.

They are offering a way to understand our being in the world and

to enhence the possibility to practice in our daily live.

In this seminar the basic mantras will be enriched with the notion of freedom. Here we can share our visions in movement and word

We are happy to welcome newcomers and experienced practitioners to move and experience together and learn from each other.

In our words the five mantras can be something like this - somehow just giving a little idea

  1. Mantra: Basic Basic - nine ways of moving- wich is of speaking and saying - in variations  - all have 7 facets
  2. Mantra: „we are already in composition of the stage samadhi“ - how ever, nice or not nice, we are already in IN.                                                                            
  3. Mantra: „we always try to be as an samadhi audience “ ::: audience meditation                            
  4. Mantra: „being in the movement speaking; we are already in speaking movement being - we are already in life and do not have to search for it.                                                                       
  5. this Mantra is the key to surrender, it is the moving breath in the breathing of life that may lead us into the realm of formlessnes. Breathing also has form just as form can have breathing

The way prapto puts this can be surprising for everyone. The Mantras are like a reminder to 5 basic aspects of the amerta movement wich could encrese of our conciousnes of our movement in this world.


More infomation like cost etc. we will provide soon here.

Please contact us if you are interested.