tim jones und Michael dick - halscheid

 Songworlds is a creative conversation through song, inquiry and the practice of Amerta Movement.  Since 2001 seminars have offered participants a time for personal process and professional application, mainly in the field of the arts. Since 2014, working in Italy at CSPP - Centro Studi di Psicologia e di Psicosomatica Clinica (Pescara) - interest in its therapeutic implications has become an added focus

Songworlds seminars in 2019 will begin from the premise

„to be by sharing is the soul of living reality“


In this we offer a perspective of shared and valued humanness awake within the sensuous language of the world.

In this seminar in Halscheid we explore how to work in open dialogue as an environmental approach using the familiar Songworlds practices and ways of knowing by sounding, moving and inquiry. To do this in an environmental approach means to enliven an attitude of being amongst and part of, rather then at the centre. Open dialogue in this understands that everything speaks. We practice to be available and responsive to all that is present within this more-then-human world. We do this in the studio space and in nature that surrounds us, everything, here at Hof Kuppen. Please bring warm clothing for the eventuality of working outside.


The venues in 2019 are:

Hof Kuppen in Halscheid, near Cologne, Germany (February 28th - March 5th).

Moscufo, near Pescara, Italy (April 25th-29th)

Folke Manor, Dorset, South-England  (Octobre 16th-20th - dates to be confirmed) 

All courses are residential.


Fields of reference :

Amerta Movement: enlivens us to sensual reality and to the sensuous language of the world through the practice of movement.  A knowing inherent to body and body-in-movement can be experienced as a source for guidance, as the doorway.                                                                  

 Songworlds: is an invitation to ritual, to dialogue and to elementary sound practices. Chosen personal songs become a source of inspiration creating a resonant field for exploration of collective and individual motivation and themes. From the Songworlds perspective: song is expression not only of the I, but also of love itself; and speaking is just one form of singing.  

 Inquiry: Although not necessarily intrinsic to psychotherapy, most therapists who adhere to psychodynamic theories employ some form of inquiry. We see and understand inquiry as an open ended practice, both a tool for self-realisation and for working with others. Inquiry comprises the potential to reconcile(s) our human tendency towards the mental and analytic, that so can dominate our sense of personhood, with a more holistic understanding of  world and our place within it.