The Five Joged Amerta Mantras

mit Suprapto Suryodarmo

Movement is a being - not just a medium.


In service of a growing understanding of Amerta Practice the idea of this workshop is to continue to deepen and experience the impact and richness of the ‘Basic Joged Amerta Mantras’. In addition to the four mantras we have been practicing before, this year for the first time Prapto will be introducing a fifth mantra.                                                                 

This fifth mantra is the key to surrender, it is the moving breath in the breathing of life that may lead us into the realm of formless being.                                                                      

Besides studying the five movement mantras participants are asked to bring questions about Prapto’s Joged Amerta Program relevant for their form of practice and performance.


Halscheid, Hof Kuppen - near Cologne

31st of July - 5th of August 2018 – 6 days

Tuesday 10am to Sunday 5pm

5 hours practice with Prapto a day

Seminar Fee: €500,- / 450,- early bird, if registered and payed until 5th of June


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