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Das Programm der Schule der Bewegung für 2018 steht! 

Newsletter Program 2018- download here
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Newsletter Programm 2018 - hier downloaden
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Der Workshop von Bettina Mainz und Michael Dick im Juni findet in Berlin statt!!!

Hier die Einladung zum PAErsche- Amerta- Performance- Abend zum download.
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Amerta Movement und Performance  - das Workshopthema von Prapto in Köln werden wir am Abend des 26.7. im Orangerie Theater ganz praktisch zelebrieren. PAErsche- Performance-Künstler laden Amerta- Movement- Künstler ein, den Abend im Dialog zu bestreiten. 

Man darf gespannt sein!

Prapto on tour in Uk and Europe 2017
Hier die Karte und alle Infos zu Prapto`s Stationen zum download.
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In 2017 Tim Jones and Michael Dick are offering two Songworlds workshops in Pescara, Italy and one workshop in Dorset, England.  

Songworlds is a creative conversation through song, inquiry and the practice of Amerta Movement.  Songworlds seminars have for many years been a time for personal process and professional application, mainly in the field of the arts.

Since the first seminar in Pescara in 2014 interest in its therapeutic implications has become a new focus. In collaboration with CSPP (Centro Studi di Psicologia e Psicosomatica Clinica) the Songworld - workshops in Pescara are working on ways to apply their methodology within a clinical context.

More Informations for download
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NOTE: The next MAM- meeting will be in Brighton in 2017 and will begin at 10am on Saturday 1st July and will close at 4pm on Tuesday 4th July. 

- More information as plans become clearer!

Dear friends of movement!

This year School of Movement Cologne will come up with a small but distinct

program. We are especially interested to bring forward our research and appliance of

Amerta movement as, and in the dialogue with Performing Art and as a way of Practice.

We are very happy to welcome Prapto again in 2017 to Cologne and Halscheid to

share his work with us.


We present 4 Seminars

1. Amerta Movement - ART or a life orienting path?

Michael Dick and Bettina Mainz

Halscheid, Hof Kuppen

15th-18th of June 2017 - 4 days

In this seminar, we look at Amerta Practice in the light of an artistic expression and

regarding its illuminative effects. We will practice indoors and outdoors in the

landscape. For people who have never worked with Prapto before this workshop can

be an introduction.


2. Prapto’s Jogged Amerta and Performance Art

Suprapto Suryodarmo

Orangerie, Cologne

24th - 27th of July 2017 – 4 days

Basically, performance in Amerta Movement is understood as a crystalizing moment

and can bring something to shine, that would not appear otherwise. It can also feel

like ripening, when time and space are allowing its ingredients to mature.

Open evening with Performance Sharing on 27th. There will be a PAErsche performance art

event on the evening of the 26th inviting also performers from the Amerta network.


3. Joged Amerta - Basic Movement Mantras

Workshop and Practice in Dialogue - for Adults and for Children.

Suprapto Suryodarmo - and Dialoguers

Moving with Children: Lena Tempich / Bettina Mainz

Halscheid, Hof Kuppen

28th of Juli – 2nd of August 2017 - 6 days

The idea of this seminar is to deepen and experience the impact and richness of the

practice of the ´four mantras´ of Prapto´s Joged Amerta Practice, as it has been

formulated by him in ´Trust Moves´, Seminar, Amsterdam, Summer 2016. Although

mainly a ´Practice Workshop´ with Prapto, some time will be spent to look at the

practice through different lenses and thus to reflect and clarify personal experiences.

Children of participants are invited cordially as part of the workshop; we will move,

play and learn with them what could be their ´children mantras´ and have time for a

dialogue with the adults.


4. Fulcrum - Amerta, a Path of Practice

Susanka Christmann

Halscheid, Hof Kuppen

9th-13th of May 2018 - 5 days (2nd part)

(1st Part: Winter 2017 in planning, teacher not yet confirmed)

In this Seminars, we give light to possible daily Amerta Practices. We will share and

develop vision and knowledge, which may nourish our sensibility for the subtlety and

sustainability of our practice; also in situations, where its value might be doubted.

The sharing will be underpinned from other practice ways. During the seminar we

might experience how practice already is realization and realization is the practice.



All workshops are open for all levels. In Amerta Movement it can be especially

supportive to work with a mixed group of experienced and less experienced people.

An underlying openness and interest in self organizational processes though will be


More information and prices will soon be available on our website – or contact us for

questions and registration via contact.